Biden says US strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader

 Biden says US strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader : WASHINGTON US President Joe Biden said Monday that an U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan this weekend killed the top al-Qaida figure Ayman al-Zawahri and was the successor of the terrorist group’s killed leader Osama bin Laden.

“Justice has been delivered and this terrorist leader is no more,” the president announced in a unique address to the White House Monday evening.

The attack, which took place in the 9th hour of 9:38 p.m. ET the night of Saturday, marks the first recorded U.S. attack in Afghanistan since Vice President Joe Biden ended the 20-year conflict in Afghanistan in August.

Al-Zawahri, 70, was on the balcony of the “safe house” in downtown.  Kabul which was struck in two separate missiles as per an official of the senior administration who spoke about the incident with reporters under the stipulation of confidentiality.

Biden says US strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader

The strike killed al-Zawahri, the top leader of al-Qaida in the years since 2011, and nobody other civilians or non-military personnel according to the official according to U.S. intelligence. The family members of al-Zawahri’s were among the victims.

Biden spoke from a White House balcony as he recuperates from a rebound case of COVID-19, referred to al-Zawahri as “the mastermind” . For decades of terror attacks against the U.S.  Bin Laden was his top aide during the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001. He was also instrumental in carrying the 2000 attack on the USS Cole and 1998 attacks on U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

“He carved a trail of murder and violence against American citizens, American servicemembers, American diplomats and American interests,” Biden declared. “People around the world no longer need to fear the vicious and determined killer.”

The president described the mission as the mission was a “total success” and said the mission was planned carefully to limit the risk to civilians.

Biden along with other senior officials first informed

Biden along with other senior officials first informed on the exact location of Al-Zawahri’s residence in April. The president was informed of the operation’s proposed date July 1 and formally signed the operation after an August 25 meeting with his top advisers, an official said.

“After carefully considering clear and convincing evidence of his location, I authorized the precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all,” Biden stated.

The death of Al-Zawahri is an “significant blow to the group’s ability to operate, including against the U.S. homeland,” the official claimed. Biden stated that al-Zawahri continued to give strategic direction for the terrorist organization’s vast network, and had released videos that called for further attacks on the U.S.

For a number of years for a number of years, it was known that the U.S. was aware of the existence of a security network that protected al-Zawahri, as per the official. In the year 2000, U.S. intelligence revealed that the al-Zawahri’s wife and daughter and children were relocated to a safe home in Kabul and al-Zawahri has since been identified.

“No matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide, if you are a threat to our people, the United States will find you and take you out,” Biden added, adding that he hopes that the death of al-Zawahri can provide “one more measure of closure” for the families of the 9/11 victims.

Biden was vice president when the U.S. killed bin Laden

Biden was vice-president when Biden was vice president when the U.S. killed bin Laden in the year 2011 under Obama’s administration. Obama administration. The strike on Saturday was one year following an abrupt U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and ended the longest war.  In American history which was initiated as a response to the attacks of 9/11. The Taliban took back control of Afghanistan during their U.S. exit last August.

Though Zawahri kept his profile low for the majority of the last twenty-five years U.S. officials never let go of the search for Zawahri . The Egyptian doctor and eye surgeon trained in the field who became bin Laden’s guide after they first came together in Afghanistan in the early 1990s.

Over the years both worked hand-in-glove to expand al-Qaida’s capability and reach as well as bin Laden acting as the public face of the group and Zawahri being an experienced strategist with an in-depth understanding of Islamic theology.

Zawahri was at first significantly more influential in the beginning than bin Laden, serving as the head for his group, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the terrorist group that was responsible for the assassination in 1981 of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Zawahri spoke a lot better English as did bin Laden

Biden says US strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader : Zawahri spoke a lot better English as did bin Laden and over the time worked hard in the background to unify and maintain the unity of different al-Qaida groups.

Senator. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa A combat veteran who is a member of the Armed Services Committee, hailed the news.

Al-Zawahri “has the blood of far too many U.S. servicemembers and innocent civilians on his hands,” she claimed.

Some long-time U.S. counterterrorism officials downplayed the significance of the attack and claimed that al-Zawahri through . The years has never been able to fill the void that was left following bin Laden’s death. U.S. killed bin Laden al-Qaida’s founding father and the man who brought together a variety of terrorist groups with an al-Qaida name in latter part of 1990.

Biden says US strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri

Biden says US strike in Afghanistan killed top al-Qaida leader : In the end, al-Qaida isn’t able to maintain the same top-down organization structure.  It had prior to bin Laden’s death over a decade ago. There are more than five affiliated organizations across the globe that are operating independently of one another.  As well as those who are the “core al-Qaida” elements still living in Afghanistan.  According to Javed Ali, a top National Security Council counterterrorism official within the Trump administration who has been tracking al-Zawahri as well as other al-Qaida leaders for years.

“This is the latest in the ongoing U.S. effort to decimate al-Qaida’s leadership over the past 20 years. Even though al-Zawahri was able to take the reins of the organization in the last decade however. He was never given the same position like bin Laden. It was more like a caretaker not an aspiring leader,” said Ali, who was also employed for sixteen years in the top security positions in FBI.  The Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

Al-Zawahri published a manifesto in 1998 that the killing of Americans as well as their associations wherever around the globe.  “Is an individual duty for Every Muslim who can do it in every country in which it is possible to do it.”

Al-Zawahri’s involvement in 9/11 was not as well-known as Mohammed’s or bin Laden’s in the 9/11 Commission as well as other investigation agencies. However, his leadership of the massive group of Egyptians who came from Afghanistan for a chance to become part of al-Qaida was instrumental in providing.

The necessary operational capabilities, organizational know-how

The necessary operational capabilities, organizational know-how , and financial knowledge required to conduct the attacks. The ringleader and the main hijacker for the terrorist plot of 9/11 Mohammed Atta, was an fellow Egyptian as were many of the top leaders of the terrorist group who committed allegiance to al-Zawahri.

Al-Zawahri was in the beginning significantly superior to bin Laden, serving as the head in his group, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the terror group that was responsible for the murder of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. “He was extremely influential,” Ali stated to USA TODAY. “He was a doctor, he was a thinker and he was 10 plus years old than bin Laden when they came together” in Afghanistan.

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