Early Talks About Workouts, Playmakers, and QB Davis Mills

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Hello, this is Randy McIlboy, KPRC 2 Sports Director. Last Friday he checked out an update on his training camp with the Houston Texans at NRG Park. KPRC 2 Sports come to camp every morning to cover all developments. Ari Alexander, Prime Minister Johnson and I will provide weekly updates throughout camp and the regular season. Stay tuned for our Texas newsletter!

From Saturday at NRG Stadium with the New Orleans Saints to the Texans’ countdown to the preseason opener a week ago, I wanted to fill in everything I’ve seen in camp workouts!

How training camp works

If you’ve been to a Texans camp practice, you already know what I’m talking about. But for many of you, watching practice was never an option. There are a certain number of dates that are considered “published”. Open to fans means fans who can log into the team’s website and actually claim their free tickets. They limit numbers so they tend to go pretty early. Those were mainly his ticket holders for the season. On Saturday, a large number of spectators filled the stands and watched the players practice in the heat.


Yes, it’s hot out there, but the team has put up lots of shade over the stands, so it’s not too bad from their point of view. Each day continues through Preseason Game 2. At that point, the team typically suspends camp and transitions to its normal routine, playing the third game and moving on to the regular season.

camp workout

Teams typically start out on the field from the stadium around 7:45 a.m. after crossing the bridge above Kirby. They cross the first field and get ready for stretches and mini-drills. The workout then starts around 8:00am and runs somewhere between 9:40am and 10:00am. Not only for the media, but also for the fans. Every minute of practice is scripted by the coaching staff and has constant movement. There are approximately 15-20 periods in the field clock time. Position groups move around for drills every period, and there’s usually an 11-on-11 portion at the end of practice where the offense goes up against the defense. First team units go head to head, followed by his second team, third team, and other opportunities for these free his agents to shine in front of their coaches.


early camp playmaker

A lot happens during camp training. Fields 1 and 2 are usually used to some extent. I don’t watch every drill or player, but I catch as many as I can with Ali and Chancellor.

Here are some offensive names that have stood out since the first workout last Friday.

QB: Davis Mills and Kyle Allen are pretty solid. They certainly failed, but they confidently carried out the attack. Allen is a former UH Cougar QB who is a proven veterinarian.

WR’s: Brandin Cooks and Nico Collins made some great catches. Collins really stood out with his routes and some dropped balls. Other notables are Chris Moore, Chris Conley and Chad Beebe.

RB’s: Hard to say with this group early in camp. One guy we can’t wait to see in a match is #31 Dameon Pierce (Round 4 – Florida). Great size, north and south runners, tough!


Focus on QB Davis Mills

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Quarterbacks are always the center of attention, but for me and many other reporters here in Houston, a day goes by without talking and analyzing how Davis Mills performs on a given workout day. It’s honestly funny because all the snaps and paths are exploded. As you walk around the media area during practice, there are many chirping about Mills and his performance.

“Mills is making great throws today!”

“Davis and Brandin Cooks are really on the same page!”

“Is Mills making interceptions today? Are they his fault or the receiver’s fault?

“The red zone offense was really good (or bad) today.”

Mills is certainly putting his second season under the microscope here. Mills spoke to the media earlier this week after Monday’s practice.


  • How do you feel about your growth as a quarterback and leader this offseason? “I feel really good. I’ve been able to come and play really fast at the start of training camp and throughout the OTAs.

  • What stands out the most out of all the pass catchers you own? “I’m excited. There’s a lot of guys out there besides Brandin (Cooks). He’s probably at the top, but right after him, there’s a lot of guys who can contribute and they’re really doing it every day. They’re going to go out there and make big plays, which means it’s going to be harder for QBs to go out and make pre-snap decisions. I think it’s set, so it’s going to be exciting to actually go out there and see who’s going to play.”

Head coach Robbie Smith also joined Mills.

  • You mentioned QB Davis Mills as the leader. “Showing up, every time we opened the building, he was there. It will establish who the leaders are.There is no doubt who we are.On Monday of the week of the first game, we will vote for captains.Like everyone, 1 special team, 1 I vote for one offensive guy, one defensive guy. Davis Mills is getting my vote for captain.”

High praise from quarterback head coach Lovie Smith. Mills certainly looks the part of a confident and responsible man. The key to the Texans’ offense is his, and now he’s ready to play this fall.

Camp has just started. The Texans start the countdown to the season opener on Sept. 11 in his NRG hosting the Colts.

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