2022 Texans Fantasy Soccer Preview: Brandin Cooks remains outstanding, but is anyone else important here?

The Texans feel like they’re currently on standby during the rebuilding, but may not have given Davis Mills enough credit as a potential answer-despite his mid-round. , Was one of the best rookie quarterbacks of the season to choose. That said, no matter what the next competitive version of the Texans looks like, it’s likely … Read more

Agent’s view: Deshaun Watson’s potential suspension has a variety of economic implications

Important steps have been taken to resolve the 2022 season play situation for Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.Disciplinary hearing to determine if it is Watson Violated the NFL’s Personal Action Policy Action began on Tuesday. Watson faced 24 civil lawsuits alleging improper sexual activity by him during a massage session while in the Houston Texans. 20 … Read more

Ranking of all 32 NFL teams by QB turnover: Bears, Browns, Texans most desperate for stability into 2022

Quarterbacks have always been a hot topic in the NFL. And some teams are more privileged than others when it comes to having star talent at the center. Finding, developing, and maintaining a franchise’s signal originator is a difficult business. Ask half of the NFL, who have been repeating an average of almost one new … Read more

Texans facing litigation, Jugs loves Pederson

In the July 4th edition of the AFC South News Summary, we’ll look at some of last week’s biggest stories about Tennessee Titans rivals Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Houston Texans. In Houston, Texas people are now officially wrapped up in Deshaun Watson’s legal situation. One of Watson’s whistleblowers has filed a proceeding against … Read more

Houston Texans resolves complaints against team in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct involving Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans has filed or was ready to file a complaint against the NFL organization regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson during a massage session. And reached a reconciliation. In a statement on Friday. One of the 30 women has already filed a civil suit against the Texans in June, … Read more

Texans settles proceedings, Jags fans want shade

Traveling through the AFC South to check out Tennessee Titans rivals Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and Jacksonville Jaguars as we continue to record the quiet times of the calendar. In Houston, the Texans appear to have removed a number of proceedings, including Deshaun Watson. Also, one writer believes that Houston has a way to not … Read more

Deshaun Watson, Browns, NFL Suspension: When Should the QB Expect a Decision?

Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns, and other NFLs are waiting for news about possible penalties for quarterbacks, and perhaps a suspension. Watson settled 20 of the 24 civil proceedings accusing him of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, and two Texas grand juries refused to prosecute him this spring. The NFL’s investigation into this issue is nearing … Read more