what if? 2015 Texans: Quarterback Confusion

with Texan We are celebrating 20 years of playing on the field. Watch different “What If?” and look back at previous seasons. A scenario that could have changed the course of the team’s history. Next, the 2015 Texans:

2015 Texans: Team looking to build on 2014 rebound. Defense is the strength of the team. Foster’s time in the Houston backfield comes to an abrupt end. However, the team’s focus is, for better or worse, the quarterback position. It runs the gauntlet, from the recorded drama of the hard-knocking Ryan Mallett-Brian Hoyer fight to injury to one of the worst QB performances in NFL playoff history. , let’s see if the team makes a few different decisions.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans

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Decision 1: Mallett Named Starter for Training Camp:

First, Mallett has a different attitude. Mallett reports no issues with her alarm clock and is working with her team. Hoyer continues her professional preparation. Hoyer is well positioned to serve as a backup, but is perhaps as ready as any other backup in the league, ready to retake the starting position.

But what happens when the actual game begins? Day one in Kansas City set the tone for the team, but not in a good way. What if Mallett played the entire game instead of just the final quarter? Mallett couldn’t alleviate the Texans’ defensive problems, but he might have made it more competitive. Still, mallets can have their irregular moments. It should come as no surprise that Mallett has been inconsistent and underperforming, with the team slipping into his double-digit deficits. Ultimately, Mallett calms down and brings the Texans back into the game, but ultimately, the team loses its first season opener since 2009.

Mallett will retain the starting job after the loss on Day 1, but the team’s fate in this scenario doesn’t change much, mainly due to the surprising defensive struggle. Mallet’s play in these games is solid but not spectacular. The Texans then face Atlanta. The defense still looks muddy, but the offense doesn’t work. Mallett has an off game and the team is losing 42-0 to him in the 3rd quarter. Hoyer tries to save something for the team. Hoyer has decent numbers, but the final score is nothing to brag about (48-21).

At this point, protests are mounting for Texans to make a change. Mallett, who had previously secured himself as a starter, is feeling a short hook after the debacle in Atlanta. BO’B is not happy with the team’s overall offensive execution. The team has a short turnaround to prepare the Colts for Thursday night’s game. poses and looks confident. But the Colts’ drive suddenly ends with an untimely interception, a deflection from his back running, within his zone. In the other half, the offense seems to mean nothing. The Colts are 13-0. Midway through the second quarter, Mallett fired a mighty shot into his chest that forced him out of the game. Hoyer steps in and he plays the other half. Mallett is ready to return to the field after a few plays. Mallett left the field early and missed Hoyer’s Hail Mary to get the Texans on the board at the end of the half. The Texans lost his game 27-20 to the Colts.

With the team trailing 1-4 after the Indy debacle, B’OB decided to start Brian Hoyer against Jacksonville. After making the announcement, Mallett didn’t take the news well. He’s a no-show at practice next Tuesday. He appears next Wednesday and, while not speaking to reporters, B’OB and Smith allude to personal issues Mallett needs to work out. It bothers me. Still, Mallett stuck together well and stayed with the team when they flew to Jacksonville. Hoyer played properly, especially in the second half, and the team won his 31-20. After the match, BO’B repeatedly voiced his support for Hoyer and ignored all other questions about Mallet.

Still, Mallett is far from happy. Teammates are reporting that he will be late for nearly every practice the following week, and when Mallett isn’t flying to Miami with the team, he makes national headlines. It’s caused by a broken alarm clock. The Texans buy no excuses and nullify Mallet for the game in Miami, a 44-26 massacre. The next day Mallett is released and the team begins a desperate scramble for some stability under the center to back up Hoyer.

At this point, the second-order counterfactual comes into effect. With no other changes to the timeline, the team is still on the road to winning his division title, with a heavy loss to Kansas City. Much of it is based on the former Texans QB’s return to the fold. But it wasn’t certain and led to the next decision point.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts

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Decision 2: TJ Yates does not answer the phone.

Rick Smith has to find QB depth when it becomes clear that Ryan Mallett wasn’t destined to wear Battle Red. The Texans have had some success with off-the-street guys, like his Keenum at the end of the 2014 season. However, Keenum was unavailable. Enter Taylor Jonathan Yates. Former starting QB for the Texans, unemployed. Not on the roster to start the 2015 season, Yates will return to the Texans’ sidelines in a bye week to speed things up. His signing turned out to be the most accidental, as he was forced into immediate action in Monday night’s game against Cincinnati, where he led the Texans to a come-from-behind win, and he will be back in New York next game against his Jets. and led the Texans to perhaps an even more important victory. Unfortunately, Yates suffered a season-ending injury during an important game at Indy.

Suffice it to say that TJ Yates played a big part in the Texans’ second-half surge. But what if TJ Yates couldn’t snap the Texans during that crucial stretch?

In this scenario without TJ Yates, Texans find themselves in a desperate position. In bye week, they scour Waiverwire for someone who needs someone with some NFL experience. Unfortunately, names like Thaddeus Lewis and his B.J. practice player Zach examines his Dysart. He passed Ben Roethlisberger to leave his alma mater, Miami, Ohio, as the all-time pass leader. Still, the idea of ​​Dysert being the only backup option cools the Texans’ management team, who have the Titans activating his Dysert for his games while Josh, formerly of the Fall Experimental Football League, Call Freeman as well. He’s not the ideal player, but the Texans have no choice. Freeman uses his bye week to learn the BO’B offense. Unfortunately, he has very little grace period. Deciding that backup QB starting experience is important, the Texans activate Freeman and drop Dysart off the roster. Hoyer’s third-quarter concussion prompted Freeman to take immediate action. He’ll at least try to involve Hopkins, but after tying the game at 6 early in the fourth quarter, Freeman’s two back-to-back turnovers late in the quarter gave the Bengals 10 points and the Bengals to They remained undefeated and won 16-6. Things don’t get much better when the New York Jets come to town. The Texans defense is doing a solid job holding off his former Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and holding the Jets to his 17 points. But the Texans, with Hoyer still out due to a concussion and Freeman still trying to get the hang of offense, only managed to put up 13 to lose a tough game and leave the team down 3-7. I saw. With no options, BO’B kept Freeman as the starter and he rebounded the following week to support the defense against New Orleans as Houston continued to have faint hopes of winning the division with his 4-7 record. I did just enough to do it.

Unfortunately, that’s the high point of the season. Hoyer’s return from injury won’t last long. He has been brutally beaten by back-to-back losses against Buffalo and New England. With Hoyer injured, the Texans bet on recently fired Brandon Weeden to release Dysart. Hoyer, Freeman and Weeden remain on the roster, but the 4-9 Texans are out of luck. Freeman started at Indy but ended the game early due to his leg injury. Weeden plays brilliantly, but the Texans lose him 10-6 to Indy, dropping him 4-10.

Houston wins, but Indianapolis, armed with former Texans WR Andre Johnson, scored an upset victory over the frenzied Chiefs, setting up an incredibly hyped Deflategate rematch and putting Pat on the line. We have to take the game in a convincing way and watch it again. 41-17. The offseason will see a massive purge of QBs, with only Weeden and Savage (Reserve injured in 2015) left. McNair hasn’t fired anyone, but he’s made it clear he wants results this offseason: “The franchise he needs a quarterback,” he said in his third consecutive non-playoff run with the team. After completing the season of

Two QB decisions. One is the starting point and the other is the intermediate point. There’s no question that TJ Yates underwhelmed his 2015 season, but the long-term prognosis for the Texans remains unchanged. Without his stable QB, the team is unlikely to break the winning team ceiling and make it to the playoffs quickly.

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